Hi, I’m Summer!

I am a fun-loving person who is always smiling. I'm originally a Georgia peach, but I grew up in Birmingham, Ala. I have a small family who always keeps it interesting. We might be small but we have big hearts for Auburn, so to no surprise, I headed to the plains as soon as I graduated high school in 2011.

I plan to graduate from Auburn University in August of 2015 with a degree in Public Relations and I am looking forward to a career in either public relations, event planning or digital media. After 21 years, I’m still trying to discover my “inside voice”, so communication has inevitably become a passion. I love being the first to break big news and I am always finding new ways to use social media to do this.

Dance has always been my biggest passion in life and I have stuck with it throughout my college years. I recently finished a four year run with the Auburn Danceline, where I served as captain my senior year. I look forward to finding ways to keep dance in my life, whether it be dancing myself or teaching classes. One way or another I’ll find a way to keep it in my life.

In my spare time I enjoy dancing around my kitchen while baking cookies or, often times, just eating the dough straight out of the tub. I also enjoy afternoon naps and taking lake trips with all of my friends. You can usually find me playing with my dog, Miller (who I am overly obsessed with) or relaxing at home with friends while getting beat at Mario Kart… 12th place has never looked better.

Although I will be sad to leave my college years behind and say goodbye to Auburn, I am eager to start my career in public relations and begin the next chapter of my life.

War Eagle,